Benggala Raising Program


   Benggala Raising Program is a community-based project created under the microenterprise development track of the Sustainable Livelihood Program. The program adopts barangays of Padre Garcia which will establish individual backyards of free-range Benggala. With the aim to bring development to rural areas, the program offers two income-generating schemes:

  1. Benggala Egg Production – Benggala produces eggs through natural mating and laying mash feeds. The raisers in the barangays shall form an association to supply eggs to the Night Market Food-preneurs of Padre Garcia since Benggala eggs are an alternative to chicken eggs. Specific target businesses are the stalls of lugaw, kwek-kwek, sisig, and other food products.

Benggala eggs can also be traded via order and picked up at a desired and agreed location since products of SLP projects shall be advertised through the office bulletin.

 Easiest option is to sell the Benggala eggs at farm gate retail price which proceeds will directly go to the family.

  1. Bisita Barrio is a backyard-size tourism which shall invite visitors who are enthusiasts, collectors, and hobbyists in the barangay to get their Benggala and meet their raisers. Since Benggala is unpopular but widely-raised as an aesthetic to gardens and farms, with creative advertising and social marketing, high-income earners are expected to visit.

How is it going to sell and reach the market? A backyard-to-backyard social preparation is to be done. Along with preparing the families for the program, a story of how they live from day-to-day, what are their challenges, what their needs are, and how their acceptance of the Benggala is; shall be written. This is to present that these families who raise Benggala are not just suppliers, they have stories.

The selling point is not only the species, but the stories, that these buying enthusiasts can spend on their passion for aesthetic value and help bring development in the rural communities.

How will these stories reach the reading public? Through blogs, social media groups, and print media such as Agriculture Monthly of Manila Bulletin. A blog site for the chosen stories shall be created which can be shared through social media. When the program is already established and caused the expected social impact on the families and communities, it is by then it can be featured on agricultural magazines. The program is open for enhancements during implementation.

The Benggala Raising Program shall benefit internal stakeholders through strengthening of entrepreneurial values and deepening of agri-business appreciation of the participants. This initiative may also generate potential Bisita Barrio agri-tourism as succession plan. Also, this type of business shall reduce hunger in the remote barangays since it can be an additional food source. The Benggala Raising Program will not only market the Benggala and present the participants as mere suppliers but more of as stories. These suppliers have stories which shall inspire enthusiasts to help bring development into remote communities and empower the people, building up their human dignity since they will see that they are a tool for helping their families.

The Benggala Raising Program shall be a tool to reduce the number of family members who work far from their places since food and business opportunities are commonly centered in the highly-urbanized areas. The Benggala Raising Program shall be a tool to strengthen individuals, families, and communities towards sustainable development.


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