Tracking TintaCon

The issue to address here isn’t ‘Are we magaling enough?’ but do we care enough?


Driven by Dreams

   Brgy. Leviste is a thirty minute-drive from Rosario, Batangas. Its distance from the town proper makes a tricycle ride very costly. The uphill roads and dominance of coconut trees classify Brgy. Leviste as a typical ‘nayon’ or a rural community. Boys dribbling on a half court and kids playing outdoor are the typic weekend scenes….

Over a Year, Thinking…

Our social microenterprises in Padre Garcia, Batangas are not yet near to replicable models. There’s still a lot of work to do. Understanding the community psychology will help you to reach and teach them. The god-complex which projects a superiority on the communities by offering them the solution to their problems should be removed. A social issue such as poverty, which will be solved through social entrepreneurship will make you deal with people with different values, culture, and God-given talents. Our work in community development is not to go to communities and fix them, it is to unify and make them realized that they have what it takes to solve their problems.

Sailing One Wave at a Time

 A rough road and a grassland should be trod before you get to their home. The grassland became marshy on rainy season and this watery field was journeyed everyday by her six children in order to go to school. They just need to remove their shoes to walk the field and clean their feet as they reach the school.

Benggala Raising Program

   Benggala Raising Program is a community-based project created under the microenterprise development track of the Sustainable Livelihood Program. The program adopts barangays of Padre Garcia which will establish individual backyards of free-range Benggala. With the aim to bring development to rural areas, the program offers two income-generating schemes: Benggala Egg Production – Benggala produces…

Capitalizing on Communities

Commercial enterprise might give portion of its sales to a foundation who helps the needy while a social enterprise creates innovative solutions with the communities in social problems they are very concerned with. These social enterprises make relational partnership with communities.

Little Prince Wonders

“Bakit kaya hikap nang hikap si Nanay?”

     Prince seems to wonder where his nanay goes after she left him at the Daycare Center in Sitio Silangan. His nanay always pedals away, all day, everyday; almost from Monday to Sunday. Whatever keeps her nanay going, Prince just enjoys each ride.

Why Aling Merly is Blooming?

Sustainable Livelihood Program forms associations to capacitate and engage our communities in planning for their own livelihood projects and manage their available resources.